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10 Mar 2020 As an investor, you must first know how much protection you need, says the question I am being asked most often: “Should I buy or should I sell? Watch all of the five big-cap tech stocks that investors have been hiding in.

Selling on GOAT or Stockx? : Sneakers I have three shoes that I'm trying to sell. One is one that I one from GOAT Summer and still has all tags on. The other two are deadstock, only tried on in my house, but the tags have been cut off and the boxes are a bit damaged. Will Stockx still accept these items. I tried to sell thru goat but my ask to sell still hasn't been reviewed after Reselling Shoes: How I Make $10,000 a Month Flipping Sneakers I am a 13 year old sneaker reseller, I sell my shies through goat stockx and instagram @durham_kix . I have been pretty successful and made about 3000 dollars of profit in my first year, which may not sound like alot to you, but I was pretty proud of it. Working at StockX | Glassdoor Working at StockX today is like if you worked at Nike in 1964. It'd have been Phil Knight, Bill Bowerman, you and some waffle irons. And together you were about to change the world. We don't have waffle irons, but you can bring your own if you want. Employee Testimonials “StockX is … Home []

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May 22, 2017 · Sneaker reselling has become a billion-dollar industry, according to Josh Luber, the 39-year-old of StockX, a footwear stock market that allows buyers and sellers to do business at a … Buy Low-Tops, Sell High-Tops: StockX Sneaker Exchange Is ... Jun 26, 2019 · Buy Low-Tops, Sell High-Tops: StockX Sneaker Exchange Is Worth $1 Billion StockX is one of several online marketplaces that have turned resales of … This Website Is the Stock Market for Nikes and Rolexes - WSJ This Website Is the Stock Market for Nikes and Rolexes StockX, a Dan Gilbert backed start-up has revolutionized the secondary market for sneakers, streetwear, handbags and watches. Best Places to Sell Your Stuff Online for Extra Cash Aug 02, 2018 · StockX provides a complete sales history along with the “Lowest Asks” and “Highest Bids” broken down by shoe size. When you’re ready to sell, do a quick search to see what the sneaker’s worth, then set a price for your pair or accept the current highest bid. Once you have a buyer, you must send the sneakers to StockX within 2

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Dec 25, 2017 · Let me know if you like this kind of video in the comments! Also i changed my mind, new video every Sunday and Wednesday. (I know this came out …

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Apr 21, 2018 · Online platforms are great because you can get a lot of traffic and fresh buyers so you can almost be sure your shoes will sell on these websites as long as you appropriately price them. Also consider doing some old fashioned wheeling and dealing for some straight cash. You can do this by selling your shoes in person. Here's How to Make a Living off Resale Sites - Fashionista Jun 03, 2019 · You don't have to sell only what you know "You don't have to be a sneakerhead or someone who loves sneakers in order to do this," says Vernon Simms, a … Selling Sneakers: A Guide to Selling Sneakers Online

Warren Buffett says that the ideal investment is one that you can hold onto forever , growing your money for as long as you own it. However, Buffett and every other  

17 Dec 2019 From StockX to GOAT, here's a definite guide to reselling sneakers Big money can be made if you land the right sneaker or sell a ton of pairs.

New here: GOAT vs StockX? : Sneakers Now I won't comment on behalf of StockX cause I have no experience with them so wait for more opinions. Anyways going with GOAT buying your authenticity wise, I believe the seller ships the shoes straight to GOAT to be confirmed authentic, then they sign off and ship them to the buyer.